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The LAL group participates to both local and collaboration wide outreach activities.

SCHOLARPEDIA : the ATLAS experiment

Some nice links to discover ATLAS and HEP :

  • The ATLAS outreach web page features hot news and links, a short film tells about ATLAS goals.
  • On the web : even Google’s street view knows about ATLAS and many videos feature the detector assembly, but only this one shows what working inside the detector looks like.
  • Blogs : Quantum Diaries is available in English and in French.
  • The Particle adventure tells about the Higgs but also has a nice section about the « unsolved mysteries » which will drive our future.

LHC Run2 :

The goal of the LHC stop and two years long upgrade are explained here (in English) and illustrated in a cartoon (in French). Consolidation work was a lot of work for both LHC and Detector teams.

What about the Higgs ?

2012 : to get a flavour about the excitement you « MUST » see the documentary called Particle Fever , which can be bought online but is also travelling in theatres around the world, very often followed by a discussion with Physicists.

2014 : ATLAS sees Higgs boson decay to fermions

2015 : ATLAS and CMS join forces in the first common publication. The Higgs physics becomes more and more precise.

Resources for teachers and students :

  • Conferences are given in high schools, MJC, CNAM, and any event organised by the LAL: see agenda here
  • International Master Classes : the 11th edition will take place from 1.3 to 11.4 2017. It involves up to 10000 students !
  • CERN teachers program: this 3-week residential program for High School teachers was created in 1998.
  • Resources prepared by the IPPOG group are sorted by theme, language but also age of the audience.

Group members : Clara Nellist and Claire Adam have responsibilities in the ATLAS outreach group. Several other group members share conferences and public events, depending on their availability.